Top 10 Truck Driving Schools in Scarborough

If you are planning to become a professional driver then you should enroll in a top truck driving schools in Scarborough from where you can get your  cdl certification. Scarborough in Canada is an important business hub that’s home to the headquarters of companies of the stature of SKF and Yellow Pages Group. In the year 2020, Amazon opened its fulfillment center here. Being a bustling business hub, the city is home to many trucking companies.

Top truck driving schools in Scarborough

List of Renowned Truck Driving Schools in Scarborough

Trucking is a coveted career here and the city has many truck driving schools. We bring you Scarborough’s top 10 truck driving schools. have a look:

Safe Driving School

Safe Driving School is a prominent driving school in Scarborough and it’s approved by the MTO. Every trainee is treated here like family and the school takes great care of every trainee. The school’s service is top quality and customer satisfaction is its priority. The school provides free Wi-Fi to its students during breaks.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 734 Google reviews
  • Address: 4597 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1E 2P3, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-901-8700
  • Website:

Super Driving School

Super Driving School is a top ministry-approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course provider in Scarborough. Their team is dedicated to delivering 100% success for all its trainees. They offer both online training as well as on and off-road training. Their fleet of vehicles makes driving easy to learn and they are environment friendly as well.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 164 Google reviews
  • Address: 5 Brockley Dr #214, Toronto, ON M1P 3J2, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-833-2631
  • Website:

Crown Driving Academy Inc.

Crown Driving Academy Inc. offers thoroughly professional truck driving training to all its students. They have adopted a one-on-one training approach. They are also into online training. They are known for their excellent customer support. They make the process of acquiring a driver’s license very smooth. With skillful training, they help trainees take the road test sooner.

  • Rating: 9/5 out of 588 Google reviews
  • Address: 868 Markham Rd #109, Scarborough, ON M1H 2Y2, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-298-7100
  • Website:

Kingsway Truck College

Kingsway Truck College has been offering training for 20 years now. Their course has been approved as a vocational program under the 2005 Private Career Colleges Act. They offer excellent customer service 24×7. All their courses are priced very reasonably. Their driving instructors are highly experienced and they train all the students with great care.

  • Rating: 9/5 out of 263 Google reviews
  • Address: 4168 Finch Ave E #318, Scarborough, ON M1S 5H6, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-298-0883
  • Website:

Friendly Truck Driving School

Friendly Truck Driving School is approved by the MTO and they offer excellent training. They offer the convenience of a flexible schedule with training slots available between 7 am and 7 pm. The school’s bonded and insured as well. They have a team of highly experienced and properly certified instructors. They offer placement assistance as well.

  • Rating: 9/5 out of 211 Google reviews
  • Address: 850 Tapscott Rd #9, Scarborough, ON M1X 1N4, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-291-9075
  • Website:

Yusra Driving School

Yusra Driving School makes sure that its beginner drivers are confident enough to handle their vehicles smoothly after they pass out. All their instructors have more than 10 years of experience and each one of them is professional and dedicated. They are approved by the MTO and their beginner driver’s education program makes one eligible to get the G2 license after a reduced waiting time.

  • Rating: 9/5 out of 200 Google reviews
  • Address: 2 Antrim Crescent Suite 7, Scarborough, ON M1P 2N3, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-299-7935
  • Website:

AMB Driving School Inc

AMB Driving School is a top beginner driver education course provider that’s approved by the ministry. They offer an in-class and in-vehicle curriculum that is delivered by professional and fully licensed instructors. The waiting period for the first road test can be reduced to just 8 months after successful completion of the course.

  • Rating: 8/5 out of 589 Google reviews
  • Address: 55 Nugget Ave #206, Scarborough, ON M1S 3L1, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-299-9956
  • Website:

JAZ Truck, Bus & Forklift Driving School

JAZ Truck, Bus & Forklift Driving School is backed by a team of OSL-certified instructors who provide thorough hands-on training using the latest equipment. Each instructor has years of professional experience. The school conducts very effective one-on-one classes in trucks. They offer their trainees slots for training as per their convenience.

  • Rating: 8/5 out of 426 Google reviews
  • Address: 1750 Brimley Rd #100, Scarborough, ON M1P 4X7, Canada
  • Phone: +1 647-430-8961
  • Website:

Arrowstar Driving School LTD

Arrowstar Driving School was set up in 1994 and today, they are a leading ministry-approved BDE truck training course provider. Their training programs are very comprehensive and priced very reasonably as well. They offer excellent training in collision-free defensive driving techniques. The school ensures that every trainee receives thorough in-class/in-car training so they become excellent drivers.

  • Rating: 8/5 out of 334 Google reviews
  • Address: 525 Markham Rd Unit #5, Scarborough, ON M1H 3H7, Canada
  • Phone: +1 647-885-1702
  • Website:

Aamco Driving School Inc.

With a team of top driving instructors with years of experience, Aamco Driving School is one of Scarborough’s top driving schools. The instructors here specialize in delivering training specific to emergency maneuvers, freeway driving, winter driving, road test preparation, and of course, all the techniques that help prevent collisions.

  • Rating: 4.7/5 out of 645 Google reviews
  • Address: 1141 Morningside Ave #41, Scarborough, ON M1B 0A7, Canada
  • Phone: +1 416-283-7929
  • Website:


We have saved you the trouble of surfing the net for hours to look for a suitable truck driving school in Scarborough. You have the top 10 truck driving schools in Scarborough on one page. All their important details are included. Good luck!

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