Best 10 Local Trucking Companies from Charlotte, NC

There are quite a few trucking companies in Charlotte, NC, which offer premier service. They strive to offer the best customer service. They cover the detail of all shipments. The companies also adapt to changes in freight deliveries. Regardless of the sort of adjustments needed, the companies are okay to work more. The teams are skilled and committed to excellence and the security of trucks. The companies strive to maintain high standards of service.

Trucking in Charlotte, NC

The companies excel in all sorts of trucking jobs. They are acquainted with all the particulars of the trucking industry and provide customers with the utmost benefits. There are also a few good truck driver training schools that are a members of the Better Business Bureau.

Trucking Company in Charlotte, NC

Here find the list of top 10 local trucking companies that are based in Charlotte NC, while their contact number and reviews rating is mentioned at the bottom of the page.

1) Schneider Facility – Harrisburg, Charlotte

The business of Construction is worth over $1.29 billion in the USA and requires adherence to deadlines. This supplier of building provisions ensures that transportation-associated issues don’t hinder the supply of screws, nails, roofing, and more materials.

Schneider has several drivers at its disposal. The company uses freight monitoring capacities to optimize the performance of drivers.

2) Roadrunner Freight

The company’s services and solutions keep the supply chain moving for one pallet and oversized shipments across state lines and international borders. The company has flexible, knowledgeable, and cooperative team members. They strive to provide an authentic and friendly service for offering a premium shipping experience. The company always upgrades its solutions to present its customers, pilots, drivers, and team associates the best.

3) Estes Express Lines

The company presents a gamut of delivery and supply chain administration solutions for almost all destinations worldwide.

The company offers

  • LTL deliveries
  • Time explicit deliveries
  • Custom-made Shipping Solutions
  • Cross-border carriage
  • FTL deliveries
  • Dorr-to-door service

4) Holland

Since its inception in 1929 Holland has been providing on-time reliability. The company has been awarded the Quest for Quality award. The company has 58 service centers and 4 of them are in Canada. Its fleet is of some 6,886 Trailers and 4,190 Tractors.

The company has an enviable record of timely performances and shipments that are claim-free.

5) Premier Transportation

Premier provides numerous resources for meeting customer requirements 24/7. Among them are dedicated fleets, door-to-store shipments, truckload transportation, logistic solutions, and yard facility. Excellent performance records, viable rates, and excellent customer service are behind the company being ranked among the top trucking companies.

6) Barr-Nunn Transportation

The company came into being in 1982. Now, it has some 1,800 53′ dry van trailers and 550 tractors. The company focuses on the safety of freight and time-explicit deliveries.

The company strives for customer satisfaction with its expert truck drivers. It refreshes its tractor fleet regularly with pristine equipment and all tractors have cab computers. The vehicles include 53′ dry van trailers that have tracking and freight sensors.

7) Central Transport

Now, the company ranks amongst the leading LTL service providers in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.  The company tailors its operations and technology to provide value to the supply chain of customers. The company pays close attention to what the customers say and adapts to fulfill their expectations. The credit for the success of Central Transport goes to the teamwork, intelligence, and commitment of its skilled professionals.

8) UPS Freight

UPS Freight is a trusted provider of local, interregional, long-haul, and cross-border LTL shipments.

The company’s also known for its specialty solutions. They include

  • Multi-modal solutions for meeting trade show requirements
  • Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Government shipments
  • Consolidating shipments from several places and distributing shipments from a place to several destinations

9) AAA Cooper Transportation

This asset-based multi-area transportation company offers LTL, FTL, brokerage, dedicated contract carriage, and global services. The company has facilities in the Southwest, Southeast, Puerto Rico, and Midwest. Its carriers also cover Canada and Mexico. The company is capable of servicing almost all transportation needs.

10) Central Freight Lines Inc.

At present, the company maintains a top-notch operation spanning coast to coast. The company has been offering transportation solutions for the shipping public for 93 years. This speaks highly of the staff of the company and the management.

Top Trucking in Charlotte, NC with Review and Contact Number

Sr. No. Name & Address Rating
1 Schneider Facility – Charlotte
2420 Starita Road, Charlotte,
NC 28269, US
Contact number: +1-800-558-6767
3.5/5 based on 89 reviews


2 Roadrunner Freight
5901 Long Creek Park Dr. Suite H,
Charlotte, NC 28269, USA
Contact: +1-704-392-5150
2.7/5 (based on 72 reviews)
3 Estes Express Lines
10815 Reames Rd, Charlotte,
NC 28269, USA
Contact: +1-704-597-9130
3.8/5 (based on 69 reviews)
4 Central Transport
601 Johnson Rd, Charlotte,
NC 28206, USA
Contact: +1-586-467-1900
2.8/5 (based on 36 reviews)
5 Holland
5201 Sunset Rd, Charlotte,
NC 28269, USA
Contact number: +1-704-599-2040
3.8/5 (based on 35 reviews)
6 Premier Transportation
3606 N Graham St, Charlotte,
NC 28206, USA
Contact: +1-704-285-7760
3.6/5 ( based on 31 reviews)
7 Barr-Nunn Transportation, Inc.
4025 Pebble St, Charlotte,
NC 28206, USA
Contact: +1-704-596-5405
4.0/5 (based on 28 reviews)
8 UPS Freight
5204 N Graham St, Charlotte,
NC 28269, USA
Contact: +1-704-597-6000
3.2/5 (based on 27 reviews)
9 AAA Cooper Transportation
1503 Reames Rd, Charlotte,
NC 28269, USA
Contact: +1-704-597-1052
3.5/5 (based on 24 reviews)
10 Central Freight Lines Inc
7500 Statesville Rd, Charlotte,
NC 28269, USA
Contact number: +1-704-243-8912
3.8/5 (based on 20 reviews)
11 H & M Bay
9310 D Ducks Ln # D, Charlotte,
NC 28273, USA
Contact: +1-888-481-4040
4.3/5 (based on 19 reviews)
12 McGirt Trucking Co
6444, 13001 General Dr, Charlotte,
NC 28273, United States
Contact number: +1-704-588-8527
 4.3/5 (based on 16 reviews)
13 TCW Charlotte
5201 N Graham St, Charlotte,
NC 28269, USA
Contact: +1-704-494-2180
3.7/5 (based on 15 reviews)
14 Mike Oehler Trucking Inc
12310 Jimmy Oehler Rd, Charlotte,
NC 28269, US
Contact: +1-704-547-0335
3.3/5 (based on 14 reviews)
15 Ward Trucking Corporation
3000 Queen City Dr, Charlotte,
NC 28208, USA
Contact number: +1-704-392-9390
3.3/5 (based on 13 reviews)

I have prepared this list based on the users who left reviews on Google My Business and Facebook.

It might be possible that I missed a few good local trucking companies located in Charlotte, NC if you know such a trucking service providers then please do let us know by leaving your valuable comment below.

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