Best 10 Trucking Companies from Knoxville, TN

This list consists of the best Trucking Companies in Knoxville, TN along with their contact number and address. They are local and provide Trucking & Freight services.  Businesses are dependent on the trucking business to sustain speedy delivery times and transport products securely across the nation. The trucking business handles a great deal more freight than ships, trains, or planes. Without them, it would not be possible for goods to travel from ports, rail yards, and airports to the final destinations.

Top 10 trucking companies in Knoxville

Nearly every form of good goes on trucks at a time or another. Goods shipped on Knoxville, Tennessee truck companies include fish and agricultural products, stone and minerals, furniture, motor vehicles, and more.

Knoxville, Tennessee has Small trucking businesses and larger businesses that employ union drivers. In fact, many trucking companies are looking for professionally trained truck drivers. And the good news is the Tennessee College of Applied Technology provides professional driver training.

So if you are thinking which is the top trucking companies in Knoxville, Tennessee, then make sure to keep on reading!

1) Skyline Transportation Inc.

Since 1954 the company has catered premium services to the shipping public. The company has widened its services by including dedicated fleets, truckload services, specialized hauling, and expedited services.

  • The customers are guaranteed Quality Service
  • The company adjusts to fulfill the requirements of clients

2) Colonial Freight

The company has come a long way from a small, intrastate, trucking operation.

The company has built a vast client base. The reasons are:

  • Better Service
  • Incessant Pursuit for Quality
  • Integrity
  • Consistent work history
  • Respect for clients

They also have offices in other states and listed under trucking in Tennessee.

3) R+L Carriers

The company’s shipping services fit all needs. Its freight services have options for Truckload, Logistics, LTL, and more. The shipping services that include rail service, ocean service, and air service ships freight everyplace, anytime.

The freight services are:

  • LTL Freight Services that include Expedited and Guaranteed
  • Business Critical Services
  • Logistics services that help customers plan their freight shipping
  • Truckload Services
  • Value-Added Services for facilitating shipments

4) Pemberton Truck Lines

The company has progressed from a small local company to one with 450 van trailers and 150 tractors. The company’s hi-tech PC system takes care of all aspects of an operation that include Dispatch, Safety, Human Resources, Payroll, and Maintenance. The skilled office personnel offer 24/7 coverage and ensures exceptional customer service.

The company caters to the specific requirements of customers. It guarantees safe and prompt delivery.

5) Axle Logistics

The transportation industry is witnessing new global supply chains and more capacity volatility. Thus, innovation is a necessity. Change is at the core of the company. To that end, it

  • Invests in the state-of-the-art tools and technologies for benefitting customers
  • Does an extensive examination of carriers
  • Offers real-time GPS delivery and load monitoring and absolute client portal access

6) AMPM Auto Transport

The company is a leader in the car transport business and will securely deliver automobiles from anywhere. The company has a vast armada of vehicles for corporate relocations.

With the company, customers can be confident that their car will arrive at the intended place within the specified time and intact.

The company offers:

and more.

7) Averitt Express

The company has solutions that include LTL, warehousing services, as well as international forwarding. Averitt offers a whole range of carriage and logistics services in one place. Customers are assured of greater flexibility and more varied options, a consistent experience, total accountability, and certainty.

8) TDL Logistics

TLD is amongst the finest Fleets with an advanced armada of trucks.

The company has:

  • Various truckload services for the unique requirements of organizations. There’re also solo, squad and relay services on the basis of how long a haul is and delivery requirements
  • Budgeted transportation rates, no strict capacity, and prompt freight deliveries for dedicated services
  • Several partner carriers for fulfilling deliveries of any size

9) FedEx Freight

Do you need a speedy delivery of an LTL shipment? Do you have time and would like to save on the transport of freight? This company is the answer.

The company delivers LTL freights within a specific day and even a particular time.

The company also offers shipments of large volume freight at a concession to customers who are not in a rush.

10) AAA Cooper transportation

With service centres across the Southeast and Midwest, the company offers the finest in LTL services.

The company

  • Can supplement the current fleet or completely replace the existing fleet of a customer
  • Has supply chain experts to assist customers with their brokerage and auditing requirements
  • Has technicians who will help the fleet of a customer run like new


There is no shortage of cargo and freight companies for the personal assistance of a company in Knoxville TN. Many of the companies are experienced and diligent and guarantee timely service.


Sr. No.


Name & Address  Rating
1 Skyline Transportation Inc.
Office No-131 W Quincy Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-865-524-3661
3.7/5 based on 30 reviews
2 Colonial Freight
Office No-110924 McBride Ln, Knoxville, TN 37932, U.S.A
Phone Number:  +1-865-966-9711
3.8/5 based on 36 reviews
3 R+L Carriers
Office No-5004 N National Dr, Knoxville, TN 37914, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-800-242-2147
3.8/5 based on 30 reviews
4 Pemberton Truck Lines
Office No-2530 Mitchell St, Knoxville, TN 37917, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-865-524-5592
3.8/5 based on 25 reviews
5 Axle Logistics
Office No-520 W Summit Hill Dr SW #1005, Knoxville, TN 37902, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-888-440-1888
3.9/5 based on 39 reviews
6 AMPM Auto Transport
Office No-1803 Kingston Pike, Farragut, TN 37934, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-865-381-2052
4.5/5 based on 22 reviews
7 Averitt Express
Office No-10207 Cogdill Rd, Knoxville, TN 37932, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-800-283-7488
4.1/5 based on 58 reviews
8 TDL Logistics
Office No-1300 Everett Rd, Knoxville, TN 37932, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-865-539-1285
4.0/5 based on 42 reviews
9 FedEx Freight
Office No-2645 Asbury Rd, Knoxville, TN 37914, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-800-424-5749
5/5 based on 7 reviews
10 AAA Cooper transportation
Office No-3235 Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37919, U.S.A
Phone Number: +1-865-522-7647
4.8/5 based on 5 reviews

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