Top 10 Trucking Companies in Missouri

Are you still searching for the best Trucking Companies in Missouri? Check this list that consists of a local trucking service provider who has a high rating and good reviews.   Missouri has a vast infrastructure of roads that cover more than 32,318 miles. The state has 17 interstate roads that cover nearly 1,180 miles. These 1,180 miles of roads bear 38 percent of the total road traffic of the state. The main Highways running through Missouri are I-29, I-35 I-70, I-44, and I-55.

Trucking Companies in Missouri

Numerous truck companies ply these roads for transporting goods from a part of the nation to another. The Missouri Department of Transportation website has ample information on the transportation of household goods and hazardous wastes in the state.

Without much ado, we look at the best trucking companies in the state.

1) PRIME Inc.

A thriving trucking company of North America, PRIME Inc. can get you the truck that you need. Whether you are transporting delicate, temperature-susceptible, and time-critical cargo or goods for consumption, the company has a solution for you.

The company has the biggest refrigerated fleet in North America with some 6,100 trucks and some11, 600 temperature-controlled trailers. Its flatbed fleet has some 850 trucks, 900 flatbeds, and some 400 step deck trailers.

  • The company manages all aspects of clients’ shipments from departure to delivery
  • The company’s fuel card discount and trailers equipped with fuel-saving technology help customers save money

Head Quarter Address:

Office No- 2740 N, Mayfair Ave
Springfield, Missouri, Zip Code- 65803, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number; +1-417-866-0001

2) Jack Cooper

Founded in 1928, it is amongst the earliest trucking businesses in Missouri.

Its services include:

  • Boarding and un-boarding of rail cars
  • Transporting of new automobiles from vehicle distribution centers, OEM assembly centers, and ports to traders and different intermediate destinations
  • Facilitating transactions amongst dealers, manufacturers, fleet owners, auctions, and rental companies

The company has strived for innovation and excellence. Presently, it offers services across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It has amongst the largest number of vehicle carriers in North America.

Head Quarter Address:

Office No- 1100, Walnut St Ste 2400
Ste 2400 Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1-816-983-4000

3) Truck Movers

From its humble beginning in 1983TruckMovers has developed into an armada of some 1600 trucks.

  • Clients can monitor their trucks online via the company’s pioneering technology.
  • The company has comprehensive insurance coverage that covers the trucks carrying the goods of clients.
  • The company does a meticulous screening of drivers to ensure that clients get only the best.

The company vehicles include Class 6 & 8 Trucks, Dump Trucks, Box Trucks, Mixer Bodies, Flatbeds, Garbage Trucks, and more. They carry Deck Loads, Boom Loads, Singles, Z-Wings, and more.

Head Quarter Address:

Office No-2310, S Redwood Dr, Independence
Missouri, Zip Code-  64057, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone number:+1-816-861-5444

4) Affton Trucking

Among the smaller trucking businesses in Missouri, Affton Trucking has pneumatic tanks, flatbeds, and intermodal.

The company strives to fulfill the needs of its customers. Its facility of 125 acres can cope with Class I railcars is a great advantage. It allows for the transferring of a truck, or numerous railcars of agricultural produces into containers.

Its warehouse space is suitable for bulk plastic services to list, package, and transport their products safely.

Head Quarter Address:

Office No-420, Gimblin
St. Louis, Missouri, Zip Code- 63147, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1-314-388-9700

There are several reliable trucking service provider in Phoenix who has good rating.

5) Western Dairy Transport LLC

The company has nearly 820 drivers on its payroll and runs over 520 trucks.

The company specializes in carrying perishables. Among them are grain, hay/straw, feed, and milk. The company also transports other freight.

In 1967 the firm started with ten milk trucks for carrying dairies in the Southern Missouri Ozarks. At present, it’s the nation’s biggest milk and dairy carrier and serves clients of the whole 48 States and Mexico.

The company ensures safe delivery with quality mechanics and professional drivers.

Head Quarter Address:

913 Shelton St, Cabool
Missouri, Zip Code- 65689, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1-800-469-7714

6) Ferrellgas LP

At present, over 15 million vehicles across 40 countries run on Propane. The reason for this trend is that Propane is a cost-effective, safe, more eco-friendly, and a steadfast alternative fuel.

Ferrellgasis experienced and has the resources and partnerships for changing a business fleet to Propane. They are going to train the concerned business staff based on their 80 years of experience in the industry. The user-friendly dispensers of Ferrellgashelp companies concentrate on their core business.

The company boasts of several propane vehicle models that include cars and large trucks. All of them are EPA and CARB accredited.

Head Quarter Address:

Overland Park, Kansas, United States America

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1-888-337-7355

7) Woody Bogler

By adapting well to the changes in the industry, this company has provided services that customers want.

It mostly hauls a couple of sorts of freight, namely, end dump and dry van. It hauls everything that includes aggregates and school supplies. The company keeps its trucks current by rotating 25% of its power units at an interval of four years.

The vehicles offer the best in fuel efficiency and protection.

The company got the reward for the most fuel-efficient fleet in 2018. All its trailers and trucks have disk brakes.

Head Quarter Address:

6048 US-50, Gerald
Missouri, Zip Code- 63037, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1-573-764-3700

There are several trucking companies listed in Manitoba that you can check it here.

8) Hogan

Hogan offers wide-ranging, practical, and cost-effective carriage solutions. They serve the business requirements of clients.

The company has the distinction of being named amongst the safest convoys in the country. Hogan has always implemented emerging technologies for being more eco-friendly.

The company’s advanced technology in real-time data exchange reduces administration on the part of clients.

Head Quarter Address:

Office number- 2150, Schuetz Road
St. Louis, Missouri, Zip code-63146, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1- 866-464-6426

9) Witte Bros Exchange Inc.

This company conforms to the stringent food safety laws and provides complete security of products. It’s a complete distribution solution offering truckload shipments, LTL compilation, warehouse, cold storage services, and logistics management. Witte’s skilled personnel takes care of the goods of clients. The company offers

  • Online real-time load tracking for customers to track their orders from their desk
  • Freight billing via fax, email, or regular mail for saving costs and time

Head Quarter Address:

575 Witte Industrial Court, Troy
Missouri, Zip code- 63379, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number: +1-314-219-4200

10) Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage

This company carries merchandise with an armada of trucks that includes reefer loads, van loads, and flatbed loads. It also has associations with some 3,000 trucking companies countrywide for helping in the transfer of goods. It strives to fulfill budgets and delivery agendas.

Head Quarter Address:

Office No- 202 N, Highway J, Hayti
Missouri, Zip code- 63851, U.S.A

Customer Support:

Phone Number Phone: +1-573-359-0107


A critical reason that Missouri can offer excellent trucking services is its location. The companies here provide excellent service and have a remarkable capacity for carrying freight over a long distance. They are an excellent choice for your transportation needs.

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