The 10 Best Trucking Companies In Pretoria

For the growth of any economy, it is critical that the region/country has a stable road network and a robust tracking system. Industries need raw materials to manufacture their products. Consumers need the products at their doorsteps or at the markets from where they can buy them. And for both these functions, trucks are necessary. Trucks carry the raw materials to the manufacturing plants and after production, carry the finished products to the domestic markets or to the ports for export.

Pretoria Trucking Companies List

Some Notes About Pretoria

Pretoria is one of the three capital cities of South Africa. Besides foreign embassies, the city also has many defense establishments. Pretoria is part of the Gauteng province.

Gauteng is the base of many large African & multinational companies. It also sees lots of imports and exports, both within the continent and intercontinental. Machinery & electrical equipment form the lion’s share of imports, while the chief items of exports are metals and precious/semi-precious stones.

Also, a Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program report states that Pretoria is among the fastest-growing economies of South Africa. With all this commercial activity, there is a well-developed trucking system in Pretoria. Large, medium and small – all sorts of trucking service providers operate here.

10 Best Trucking Company in Pretoria

Austen Meubelvervoer – Gauteng

Austen is among the most renowned removal companies operating out of Pretoria. The company is an expert at all sorts of removals – domestic, office, safe storage, packing& wrapping, etc. Since 1999, Austen has been providing reliable service and thereby, has earned the trust of its large customer base.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 8 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 379 9559


Established in 1975, Valtran is a reputed trucking service provider of the country. It operates in a major portion of South Africa, carrying various types of cargo, including structural steel. All the vehicles are on satellite surveillance round the clock. A large number of well-equipped trucks and trailers make up the fleet of Valtran.

  • Rating: 5.0/5 out of 4 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 82 458 4424

Greyling’s Transport

The family-owned Greyling’s Transport was started way back in 1936. Today, the 3rd generation of the founder runs the business. The company provides trucking services countrywide. Greyling’s is focused on home & office removals, packing, and storage. The goods are handled & delivered with extreme care, as a large number of positive testimonials prove.

  • Rating: 4.7/5 out of 7 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 379 9009

Bras Trucking

Bras Trucking began its journey in 1991 with a single truck. Today, the fleet consists of 60 trucks, manned by a team of expert drivers. Integrity and perseverance are the driving forces behind the company and it continues to serve its customers across the length & breadth of the country with total dedication.

  • Rating: 4.4/5 out of 71 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 808 1451

Biddulphs International – Pretoria

Founded in 1928, Biddulphs is the largest family-owned removal company in the area. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as among the most trusted removal companies in the country. Biddulphs is into both local and long-distance removals. Apart from removals, the company is also into business moves, pet removals, storage, insurance, vehicle moving, etc.

  • Rating: 4.2/5 out of 38 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 386 1321

F.H.I Transport and Service’s

Driven by a zeal to provide the best service at the most competitive rates, FHI has been at the forefront of Pretoria’s trucking service providers since 1991. The company believes that there is always a better way to do things, and hence never stops its quest for improvement. FHI is into logistics services, distribution, and labor deployment.

  • Rating: 4.3/5 out of 4 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 83 440 8183

Wolff Logistics

Wolff Logistics began its journey in 1997. Today, the company has achieved a leadership position in its domain, thanks to the competence of the highly experienced members of staff. Honesty & integrity drive the company. Besides trucking services, the company also provides vehicle rentals, vehicle maintenance, and purchase & sale of cars. Wolff’s fleet consists of 180 trucks between 1 to 34 tons.

  • Rating: 4.1/5 out of 25 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 335 1241

Van Tonder Transport

Van Tonder Transport is South Africa’s largest bulk grain transporter. With 50 states of the art trucks in its fleet, the company hauls more than 140,000 tons every month over short and long distances. The staff members come with lots of experience that enables them to provide top-class service to its customers, since its inception in 1989.

  • Rating: 4.1/5 out of 23 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 803 3658

T C B Machine Moving & Rigging

TCB is among the top machine moving and rigging companies in the country. Be it a small machine or huge equipment, the company is competent to move them with the same care & focus. TCB provides the entire range of services from rigging the machine out of its present position, loading, transporting it, and rigging it into the desired final position. The company has a large fleet of crane trucks, forklifts, and boom trucks that provide the best of service. TCB is also into turnkey projects and factory relocations

  • Rating: 4.1/5 out of 13 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 82 552 7894

Active Transport

Active Transport doesn’t simply offer transportation. It provides “peace of mind” to its customers. The company is into a lot of services including local and national trucking service, domestic & industrial relocations, storage, packing, etc. Active Transport also provides vehicle transportation services. The company serves a large part of the country and does quite a good job, as per the substantial number of positive feedbacks from its customers.

  • Rating: 3.5/5 out of 15 Google reviews
  • Phone: +27 12 803 7108

List of Top 10 Trucking Companies In Pretoria

Sl. No. Company Name & Detail Website
1 Austen Meubelvervoer – Gauteng 

Address: 790 Frieda St, Daspoort, Pretoria, 0082, South Africa
2 Valtran

Address: Old Schurveberg Road, Laudium, Centurion, 0037, South Africa
3 Greyling’s Transport

Address: 477 Moot St, Hermanstad, Pretoria, 0082, South Africa
4 Bras Trucking

Address: Plot 131 Dewar Street, Derdepoort, Pretoria, 0035, South Africa
5 Biddulphs International – Pretoria

Address: Rooiberg Street, N4 Gateway Industrial Park, Willow Park Manor X65, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa
6 F.H.I Transport and Service’s

Address: Looiwattel St, Pretoria Rural, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa
7 Wolff Logistics

Address: 979 Paul Kruger St, Mayville, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa
8 Van Tonder Transport

Address: 72-10 Battery St, Waltloo, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa
9 T C B Machine Moving & Rigging

Address: Plot 118, Melt Marais Rd, Wonderboom AH, Pretoria, 0182, South Africa 
10 Active Transport

Address: 322 Domkrag St, Waltloo, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa


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