Top Trucking Company in Nashville, TN 2023

Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee and also its most populous city. There are a number of trucking companies based in Nashville. Since 2017, it has the third-fastest growing economy in the USA, thus receiving the label of the “southern boomtown.” The Nashville region has also been labeled as the “Number One” Metro Area for Professional and Business Service Jobs in America.”

Trucking companies Nashville

Nashville has a large concentration of businesses and service organizations. Healthcare is a big industry out here, with more than 300 healthcare companies being present here. The automotive industry also has a strong presence here. Other major businesses present here are insurance, finance, and publishing. Of late, the real estate sector is thriving in Nashville with projects of several billion dollars underway.

In 2013, Nashville ranked 5th on Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers.

With such booming economic activities, it’s but obvious that there will be a thriving transport services sector here as well. There are a huge number of trucking companies that operate out of Nashville, providing services within the U.S. and also beyond. Before we list some of the prominent ones, let’s take a quick look at the trucking industry of the U.S.

Trucking Industry in the Nashville

In the U.S., a majority of the overland freight movement happens through trucks. The market value is close to $800 billion. In the U.S., trucking services can be Full Truck Load (FTL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), and couriers.

Nashville highway

FTL carriers are those that carry huge amounts of a single type of cargo that fills the entire container. Some manufacturing companies have their own trucks while others hire them from trucking companies. Some of the larger FTL carriers do a business of more than a billion dollars annually.

LTL carriers carry cargo that is bigger than courier – but not big enough to fill up a container. That’s why LTL carriers carry multiple types of cargo in every shipment, belonging to different shippers. The top LTL companies earn upwards of a billion dollars every year.

The courier companies deal with parcels of much smaller sizes. Major courier companies FedEx, UPS, etc. cover all major global destinations, earning billions of dollars in revenue.

Employment Scenario of USA’s Trucking Industry

More than 9,00,000 drivers work for this industry but there is still a shortage of qualified drivers. This is a cause of worry for most of the trucking companies as the demand for trucking services is continuously on the rise. The American Trucking Association has stated that there is quite a shortage of truck drivers in the country right now. Demand is rising, especially in the non-industrial sector. Driver shortage affects timely delivery and adds to the costs.

Of course, the life of a truck driver isn’t a bed of roses. It involves long hours on the road – much of it desolate highways. They stay away from their family often for several days at a stretch. But on the positive side, a truck driver makes good money annually – sometimes up to $90,000 per year. And it doesn’t require a high level of education, either. Add the bonuses to the salary – and a truck driver can make good money in these times of driver shortage. After working for several years with a company, there is always the prospect of opening up your own trucking service firm – and make more money and generate employment in the process.

So, as you can see, it’s a good time to take up a truck driver’s job. Earn your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) that will take a few weeks’ time. Trucking companies are waiting out there to hire you.

Best Trucking Company Nashville

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top local trucking companies in Nashville below:

1. The M&W Logistics Group

This company was established in 1973. Ever since then, it has been instrumental in providing a wide range of services to its ever-growing customer base. Its services include trucking (through almost 600 vehicles), warehousing & distribution, and complete logistics management.

  • Phone: +1 615-256-5755

2. Sharp Transport, Inc

The company started its journey in 1979 with one tractor. Today, the company’s fleet has 125 vehicles, driven by an experienced set of drivers. The company provides trucking services across the U.S.

  • Phone: +1 615-874-1266

3. ABF Freight

Among the industry leaders in LTL carriage, ABF Freight has won multiple awards for its top-class service. It provides services across North America and is seeing rapid growth in the number of customers. Apart from trucking, the company also provides a range of logistics services.

  • Phone: +1 615-255-5574

4. RTR Transportation Services

The family-owned company has been in service since 1995, providing nationwide truckload, local cartage, warehousing, storage trailer, and more services. Their latest technology-enabled vehicles ensure deliveries everywhere right on time.

  • Phone: +1 615-242-4728

5. S F Trucking LLC

The company provides trucking services for different types of cargo – general freight, liquids & gases, oilfield equipment, and much more. Their trucks carry cargo to and from all parts of the country.

  • Phone: +1 615-291-6599

6. Sadler Brothers Trucking

For more than 80 years, the company has been providing premium trucking services. They provide trucking services over a large part of East and South-East USA. With all these years of experience under its belt, the company’s large number of customers have full faith in its service commitments.

  • Phone: +1 615-256-4911

7. First Express

First Express is in operation since 1994. Today, with a fleet strength of more than 200 trucks, they provide quality services all over the country with a dedicated and committed team – behind the wheels and in the service department.

  • Phone: +1 615-244-1425

8. Sprint Logistics

Sprint Logistics provides reliable trucking services for a range of general and specific cargo types all over the U.S. It also carries refrigerated cargo.

  • Phone: +1 615-350-6867

9. Mesilla Valley Transportation

Mesilla Valley Transportation had a small beginning in 1982. Today, the company is among the largest locally-owned truckload carriers in the USA. Through their large fleet of multiple types of trucks, they provide services all over the North American continent. They also offer trucking services in El Paso, Tx area too.

  • Phone: +1 888-506-4090

10. Atlantic Trucking Co

Since 1984, this company has been providing local trucking and storage services. It provides different trucking services through a dedicated service and support team.

  • Phone: +1 615-242-2551

11. Volunteer Express

From a small beginning in 1973, the company now has 12 terminals and locations in 4 states. The company provides services to MNCs and smaller companies with equal dedication. Their service offerings include FTL, LTL, and Expedited services across the U.S.

  • Phone: +1 615-244-8636

12. Colonial Freight Systems Inc

The company’s motto is to provide safe, timely, and courteous service to its customers. That explains why it is going strong even in its 72nd year with more and more customers availing of its services. It provides a range of trucking services across the country.

  • Phone: +1 615-256-6625

13. Sea Lane Express LLC

The company has close to 40 years of service experience. Its driving forces are committed to superior customer service and judicious use of the latest technology for customers’ benefits. The company provides global and domestic trucking and transportation, warehousing & distribution, customs brokerage, and related services.

  • Phone: +1 615-254-9188

14. XPO Logistics

With a global network of partners and agents, XPO Logistics provides premium quality logistics services. It provides intermodal transport, LTL, and complete supply chain solutions.

  • Phone: +1 615-256-1554

14. Western Express

In its 29th year of operation, the company provides excellent trucking services throughout the U.S. through its huge fleet of more than 3000 power units and 7500 trailers. Extensive use of technology has ensured that their service delivery is never off the mark.

  • Phone: +1 800-316-7160

List of Trucking Company in Nashville TN

Sl. No. Company Name & Detail Website
1 The M&W Logistics Group

1110 Pumping Station Rd, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
2 Sharp Transport, Inc

1735 Lebanon Pike Cir, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
3 ABF Freight

890 Visco Dr, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
4 RTR Transportation Services

215 Crutchfield Ave, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
5 S F Trucking LLC

1300 Division St # 201, Nashville, TN 37203,
United States
6 Sadler Brothers Trucking

436 Enos Reed Dr, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
7 First Express

1135 Freightliner Dr, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
8 Sprint Logistics

7359 Cockrill Bend Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209,
United States
9 Mesilla Valley Transportation

3750 Stewarts Ln, Nashville, TN 37218,
United States
10 Atlantic Trucking Co

905 Cowan St, Nashville, TN 37207,
United States

11 Volunteer Express

1116 Polk Ave, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
12 Colonial Freight Systems Inc

203 Fesslers Ln, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
13 Sea Lane Express LLC

1098 Foster Ave, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
14 XPO Logistics

401 Enos Reed Dr, Nashville, TN 37210,
United States
15 Western Express

7135 Centennial Pl, Nashville, TN 37209,
United States

I hope, the above list of trucking companies that are based in Nashville, TN, helps you to choose the best one. Let me know which one you considered or if you are used any one of them in the past then how was your experience.

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