Who Owns Man Trucks?

MAN Trucks is among the leading commercial vehicle suppliers globally. Based out of Munich, Germany, the main owner of Man Trucks is Traton SE. The company manufactures vans, trucks, heavy goods vehicles, coaches, etc. The iconic silver lion logo of MAN Trucks can be seen on roads all across the world.

Man Trucks

The company has faced ups and downs in its long journey till now. But amidst all this, one thing has been constant – the company’s steadfast dedication to customer service. MAN consistently undertook research & development to ensure that goods & passengers vehicles manufactured by it were equipped with the latest technology. And this focus on providing service has ensured that it retains its global leading position.

Brief History of Man Trucks

The company started its journey way back in 1915. It was a joint venture with a Swiss firm in the small town of Lindau. It produced light trucks here and also chain-driven heavy vehicles. After a year, the plant was shifted to Nuremberg. Within 10 years, MAN produced the first diesel engine car that also had fuel injection facility. It also brought out a low-chassis bus. This is was something new that the world was seeing then.

Man Trucks

In the next decade, MAN came out with trolleybuses & 3-axle vehicles. Equipped with a 140/150 HP engine, this was among the most powerful vehicles in its category back then. The introduction of assembly-line production facilities was another feather in MAN’s caps at that time. During the 2nd World War, the times were turbulent for Germany and especially, Nuremberg. But the company continued to produce passenger vehicles, along with tanks & trucks for use by the army.

The 1950s heralded the F8 category buses and trucks with short noses, manufactured by MAN. These ruled the roads of Europe for a fairly long time. MAN had also started to produce vehicles for usage in the agricultural and timber sectors.

In 1965, after only 10 years of starting manufacturing trucks from its new plant, MAN manufactured its 100,000th truck. This was a momentous occasion. It continued to manufacture new & improved versions of lightweight trucks into the 1970s and kept on winning awards for its performance.

Man Trucks International Expansion

Moving on to the 1980s, MAN looked at creating its footprints globally. It started selling its trucks & buses in Turkey, South Africa, and the US. They also collaborated with an Austria-based manufacturer to spread its wings there. It introduced several new-age models during this decade, like the G90, M90, and F90. The MAN F90 won the Truck of the Year award in 1987.

The Later Years

The 1990s & the 2000s saw MAN coming out with premier quality truck (both heavy & light-duty) and buses. Equipped with the latest technology & all-wheel drive facilities, these vehicles became the stars of the roads all over the world. It also acquired stakes in the premium NEOPLAN buses. Its TGX & TGS trucks, armed with the monstrous 680HP engines, became the most powerful trucks in all of Europe.

In 2010, MAN also ventured into the hybrid buses category. These vehicles eliminated carbon emissions by over 25%, thus reinforcing MAN’s commitment to a greener earth. It continued to innovate its flagship TG series trucks to make them more relevant to the changing requirements of customers. In keeping with the environmental conditions, MAN has also ventured into the digital vehicles category for its cars between 3.5 & 26 tons. Clean & efficient vehicles are what the company is targeting to produce increasingly.

Extensive digitalization is also ensuring that the vehicles can be tracked more efficiently, thereby reducing the worries of shippers availing of these trucks for their shipments. Enhanced safety features are eliminating the risks of drivers & passengers, even in the most inclement weather & road conditions. MAN’s vehicles keep on winning awards for the company, thereby reinforcing its glorious legacy.

MAN’s Top Vehicles

As already discussed, MAN has an arsenal of the latest trucks of every hue. Some of the top models are:

  • The MAN TGX
  • The MAN TGM
  • The MAN TGL
  • The MAN TGE

MAN also has a large variety of coaches. These include intercity coaches, city buses, minibusses, etc. These buses come with a large capacity and are equipped with the latest gadgets. MAN’s remaining vehicle types include vans, and also vehicle servicing.

Who Owns MAN Trucks?

MAN is owned by Traton SE. Traton is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Besides MAN, it also has Scania, Navistar, and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus brands.This makes Traton among the largest global commercial vehicle manufacturing organization. With annual sales touching almost 200,000 vehicles, the company assumes a leadership role in its sector across the world.

Quick Overview of Man Trucks:

Founder: Rudolf Diesel
Founded: 1898, Germany
CEO: Andreas Tostmann
Headquarters: Munich, Germany
Revenue: 1,360 Crores EUR (2016)
Parent organizations: Volkswagen Group, Traton
No of Employee: 968 – 970 (2016)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mantruckandbus
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mantrucksandbuses
Twitter: https://twitter.com/man_group
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/man-commercial-vehicles/
Website: https://www.mantruckandbus.com/

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