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YANWEN Logistics Co. Limited is a global logistics company. It is based in Beijing, China. It is established as a provider of professional transportation solutions. YANWEN was incorporated in 1998 as a small firm, transporting only small packages of goods. Over the years YANWEN has acquired valuable experience over its modest beginning and set up benchmarks in logistics. Presently, it provides services in 50 cities in China. Thus it has become a major player influencing the Chinese economy. It’s business partners include Ali Express, eBay, EMS, DHL, China Post, etc.

Yanwen Express

Apart from Beijing, YANWEN Logistics has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yuwu, and Guangzhou. It is operational in about 200 shipping lines and regions, via about a hundred cross border logistics lines.  Thus its service quality has risen consistently.YANWEN helped the Chinese economy by facilitating export ventures by conquering long-distance hurdles.

YANWEN has built a series of self-developed logistics systems. It has also purchased advanced logistics systems. It’s International Logistics Department is operational in 123 countries. Transparency is elementary in the system.

The business philosophy here is the pursuit of excellence. Workers are provided with safe and comfortable working conditions. Economic efficiency is raised with continued progress. The firm pursues the strategy of focusing quantity for best price discounts.


1) Aircraft freight
2) Freight forwarding
3) Specialized services
4) Door to door pickup and delivery

How to track Yanwen Logistics Consignment?

In order to track a consignment, one can use the Yanwen Logistics online tracking system. A person needs to provide a tracking number or order number in the slot provided and click on Search to track one’s shipment.

Another option is to log in to the portal with their customer name and password to access shipment quotes and track updates. Alternately,  can call customer support using the phone  400-108-5656 or 010-64656790.

Unique features

1) Continuous improvement: Policy of constant service quality up-gradation by adopting advanced technology
2) Philosophy: Business philosophy of pursuit of excellence via global market expansion
3) Talent development: Helping employees develop talent and personal goals.
4)Motivation: Employees are honored and staff is provided a platform for development. Staff is provided a competitive salary

Yanwen Express Head Quarter Address

Lantian Rd, Huaqiang North
Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Customer Support

Phone Number: +86 755 8251 2889
Customer Service Phone Number: 400-108-5656
Email Id- zhonggj@yw56.com.cn
Website: http://www.yw56.com.cn/

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  1. My parcel is not yet received UA237747675VU

  2. Ismael Contreras Alcocer

    There is apparently no way to pay for my customs taxes when importing to Mexico with YANWEN. I believe I just lost my investment. Please get in contact with me if there is a way for this package to arrive to its final destination. UF058839456YP

  3. I received hearing aids andI wish to return as they are not going to work for me. How can I return please. Tracking number is: 1023 0386 2792 2216. Order number: VIIN/NIF 442 Spec 3696 V2 hearing aids1;

  4. Stop sending Yanwen Logistics to pickup U.S.packages that company is stealing from American people STOP IT NOW WE DON’T NEED CHINESE COMPANIES TO DO YOUR SHIPPING FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michelle Rixon-Tich

      Ive been waiting for a parcel from July 16 arrival in Australia. Its now Nov 18. Australia Post and ither Australian delivery services have no information. Last tracking update was July 16 saying arrived in destination port but not which Australian port.
      Is this a total worth or can you provide me with information on the package in question.

  5. I need to know where my package is UF116843713YP
    It’s been sitting in your facility in Bloomington, CA since May 30.
    The US Postal Service is waiting to receive it from you so they can deliver it to me.

  6. Dwayne Grandison

    Good day I have been calling Yanwen Logistics about two packages that they are shipping for me I can’t get through to them. Now they are sending my two packages to the Czech republic. I don’t live in the Czech republic. I live in Jamaica that is the shipping address on the order. The second shipping is being shipped to same Czech republic and on the shipping order that second package is to go to the United States. These are the two tracking# UD071813475YP, # UD067500207YP. I think there is some confusion between Wish and Yanwen Logistics and I am very upset 😡 customer. I need my packages to come back on the right route so I can receive my order on time both me and my brother who lives in New York. I ask you to please fix 😡 this before It is too late.

  7. Where it My order with the Tracking number UF111627575YP It started tracking on April 23rd and has not arrived. The last track it is in Bloomington, CA and arrived there on May 28 and has not moved sense

  8. My package has been sitting in your Blomington, CA facility since May 28, 2020. The USPS is ready to receive it so they can ship it to me. Please ship it out immediately to home honme address: My order number is:

  9. I am trying to track my order and the tracking info is not working. I want my packages please. If this cannot be resolved I will have to reach further up.

  10. Lovely to see all these shocking reviews. I had no choice but to use this company. I ordered a gaming chair over 2/3 months ago. They sent me a ring…

  11. It’s been 76 day my package it’s not received,
    Location is cayman island .

  12. I never received package no. PR103362860YP. I would like to know to whom it was delivered instead of me??

  13. Hi yanwen
    Am waiting my package since October 30th I don’t see any update from the tracking number and I was told that my package will get here from 11 days to 25 days, can you please help me were to find out my package
    The package is from China to Germany

  14. kindly deliver my shipment to my home it is in domestics location from 24 November

    phone number 90921914

    • I have not received an update on my item for 3 days.
      The parcel contains a gift.
      Can someone please advise of where my package actually is?
      Royal Mail are expecting the item for delivery. RM number GV683607852GB

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